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TECOM is our in-house ERP system for Order Process. System is great for sellers running multiple shops in various platforms and countries. We create many reports and features to address the problems faced by the management team and operation team.
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Backing up important emails from your Gmail account is essential to ensure data security and availability. This article will guide you through creating a desktop application using C# to backup emails from a Gmail account to a local drive and restore them to either the original Gmail account or a Yahoo Email account. The application will use the Google APIs Client Library for .NET to interact with the Gmail API and the MailKit library to send emails to Yahoo Email.
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A unified system for managing your customers, sales team, products, and quotations for all clients. Organize products through categorization, along with cost and pricing information. Each customer can be assigned unique pricing categories, reflecting various discount levels. Upon generating and sending a quotation to the customer in PDF format, the system streamlines the follow-up process. Each quotation undergoes a series of steps, with our intelligent follow-up engine handling the comple...
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Constructed by our expert team in Singapore, this industrial-grade SMS Gateway boasts a minimum of 8 channels, expandable to 32 channels, ensuring high speed and exceptional availability. Our software gateway solution seamlessly integrates with the hardware gateway device, allowing for independent deployment from physical devices. For instance, a customer can install the gateway device in Singapore while users from any location with an internet connection can access the gateway.
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Introducing our comprehensive Condo Sales and Management system, designed to streamline and simplify property management tasks. This all-in-one solution offers a range of features including facility bookings, defect reports, communication tools, voting management, and resident management. Our user-friendly, device-optimized platform encourages active participation and fosters a strong sense of community. Additionally, we provide customization services to tailor the system to your specific needs ...
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