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Legacy Software/Server Support & Maintenance
Software Support

Support custom built solutions, or solution already EOL. We will provide proper ways to extend the system lifetime with low security risk.

Server Support

Support office/offline servers with best practices, backup, and disaster recovery. Migrate server into new Hardware with virtual platforms.


Regular check and support, prevent problem from happening. Monitor and analyse logs. Finetune for performance, minimize problems.

Backup & DR

Prevent data loss with good workflow and SOP. Use automation tools for backup and purging. And perform disaster recovery exercise regularly.

Support/Maintain Applications & Servers

Use Best Practices to keep legacy systems safe

  • Design workflow and SOP to keep applications with proper version, backups, and plan for Disaster.
  • Depends on workflow and SOP, and execution, exercise to keep systems running with low risks.
  • Create Virtual Servers for outdated application and hardware.
  • Isolated outdated physical servers for possible external connections.
  • Regular secured backup with automation tool, and auto purging outdated backup copies. 
  • Create plans for Disaster Recovery and Disaster Recovery Exercise.

Legacy Applications Support

  • In-depth analysis: we conduct a thorough assessment of your applications to understand architecture, dependencies, and business logic. 
  • Code maintenance and optimization: We do ongoing maintenance and optimization of your legacy application codebase, including bug fixes, performance enhancements, if codes are available.
  • Security and compliance: We upgrade application/server for PDPA, VAPT & Pentest.
  • Migration planning and execution: When the time comes for migrating from legacy applications to modern platforms, we offer comprehensive planning and execution services, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Software lifetime can be extended with proper support & planning, and we provide the services.

Disaster Recovery & Exercise

  • DR Plan Development: We help organizations create comprehensive disaster recovery plans tailored to their specific needs.
  • Data Backup and Replication: Provide regular and secure data backups with our in-house application. We implement robust backup and replication solutions to protect your organization's data.
  • Regular DR exercises help support team to act faster when there is a real disaster as the DR steps are executed regularly.
  • Employee Training and Awareness: Educating employees about the DR plan and their roles in the recovery process is an essential step.
  • Disaster Recovery Testing and Validation: Regular testing and validation of the disaster recovery plan are crucial to ensure its effectiveness. 

Clone Outdated Hardware

  • Cost savings: Cloning outdated hardware into a virtual server can lead to significant cost savings, as related parts can be expensive to buy.
  • Enhanced reliability and availability: Virtual servers offer higher levels of reliability and availability compared to outdated hardware.
  • Extended application lifespan: Companies can extend the lifespan of legacy applications running on the old hardware.
  • Simplified management: Managing virtual servers is generally easier and more efficient than maintaining physical hardware.
  • Futureproofing: Transitioning legacy hardware to a virtual server can be an important step in future-proofing IT infrastructure.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Reduced downtime: Regular preventive maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures and downtime.
  • Improved system performance: Preventive maintenance often involves fine-tuning system configurations, optimizing resource usage.
  • Proactive problem identification: Preventive maintenance involves regularly monitoring system logs, performance metrics, and error reports.
  • Predictable maintenance costs: With a preventive maintenance plan in place, your organization can better anticipate maintenance costs.
  • It is always better to prevent problems from happening with a proper workflow and maintenance plan.

Long-term Support & Upgrade

With proper planning & support execution, many legacy applications & servers can have a longer lifetime, with risk under control.

Service Delivery Workflow

Solid workflows to ensure service delivery.

Analyse Environment

Engineers study current server, office, network, and application environment. Check the database, and source codes, if available.

Propose & Simulate

Propose our actions & management plans, work with key users for SOP and support workflows. Create staging server.

Execute & Monitor

Setup backup automation, apply best practices, setup communication protocols. Perform regular monitoring over data and servers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Usually Windows applications, VB6, Excel Access forms, Classic ASP, and some old Windows Servers such as Win server 2000. Basically these apps, and servers are too old to upgrade, but due to whatever reason, they cannot be terminated. We assist to keep them alive, and control the security risk at low level.

Many companies, teams, due to many reasons, still need those application and server running. But officially, they are already End of Line support from original suppliers, no more security patch or upgrade. A proper support on these assets will lower the risks of data loss, hacking, and cyber attacks.

Yes we do. But we will need to assess the situation first. Not all can be migrated into modern system due to compatibilty problems. But we do have some ways to do that, such as create a virtual copy of the old server on top of a new physical server, then move the old application and database into the virtual server. And protect the virtual server with necessary settings.

We would say it is difficult to ENSURE, but we can apply many ways to minimize the security risks. For example, create isolated network environment, or create isolated sanbox environment. Then apply some additional controls for the access rights in upper level systems.

Yes. But that depends on current network setup and security policies. Not all network support remote support. If your network allows that, we are happy to support remotely, although not recommended due to security concerns.

We implement auto data backup and recovery solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your legacy systems. That is our in-house built solution. Able to deploy in most Windows Server environments. We ensure that your data is backed up regularly and securely, with a well-defined recovery plan in place in case of data loss or system failure.

Case by case. Depends on your application status. Costings are different for different SLA requirements. We can respond to service requests from 2 hrs, to 1 working day.

Normally no. But if source code is available, and the codes are modifiable, then we are happy to do so for the old applications. A code review will be needed.

Very tricky situation. Normally you cannot buy New license for the old systems, applications, or servers. Legally, as long as you dont clone and run a lots of copies, it is safe to run with the old license.

Our pricing model is flexible and tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We offer various pricing options, such as hourly rates, fixed-price contracts, or retainer-based agreements. Do contact us for a discussion.


Only non-confidential projects.

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