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Secured 3G/4G SMS Gateway with HTTP API

Constructed by our expert team in Singapore, this industrial-grade SMS Gateway boasts a minimum of 8 channels, expandable to 32 channels, ensuring high speed and exceptional availability.

Our software gateway solution seamlessly integrates with the hardware gateway device, allowing for independent deployment from physical devices. For instance, a customer can install the gateway device in Singapore while users from any location with an internet connection can access the gateway.

We utilize an HTTP API (JSON web service) as opposed to the conventional COM Port API, enabling any legacy system to easily send SMS messages to recipients.

Secure API and Encrypted Communications


All system and API access are encrypted via HTTPS, ensuring that communications between user PCs and servers remain secure.

For enhanced PDPA compliance, optional table-level encryption is available for mobile numbers and contact names.

Our API is safeguarded by a 30-character random text string, and multiple API keys can be generated for distinct applications. Each API key can be assigned start and expiry dates for added security.

Strong passwords are provided to users for logging into web interfaces, ensuring a higher level of protection.

Our API supports a priority-based SMS queue with six levels, capable of handling a large volume of incoming sending requests and organizing SMS messages based on priority.

Industrial-Grade Gateway Equipment


In collaboration with Ejointech, we offer high-quality SMS Gateways designed for industrial use:

  1. Network compatibility: Supports a full range of networks, including 2G, 3G, and 4G.
  2. Multiple ports: Features 8 to 32 ports, accommodating up to 512 SIM cards for high-demand systems.
  3. Equipment-level API: The equipment provides an additional HTTP API set for developers.
  4. High availability: Ensures up to 99.99% uptime for all ports.
  5. SIM card and port management: Offers comprehensive management options for both SIM cards and ports.
  6. Flexible deployment: Allows for installation within LAN networks or data centers with public internet access.


Contact Management and Grouping Features


For customers seeking to utilize our Gateway solution for managing SMS communications with their contacts, we offer extensive contact management capabilities.

  1. Import contacts: Easily import contacts through Excel files and assign them to specific groups, if desired.
  2. Share contacts and groups: Enable sharing of contacts and groups among users within the same organization.
  3. Anonymous contacts: Maintain privacy by storing contacts as numbers only, without names.
  4. Extract contact numbers: Automatically extract mobile numbers from regular text, saving only the numeric data into the contact database.
  5. Eliminate duplicates: Automatically remove contacts with duplicate numbers to maintain an organized and efficient contact list.

Built-In Automation for Two-Way Communication

The gateway system enables both outgoing and incoming SMS, facilitating two-way communication.

  1. Automatic replies: Configure auto-response messages for specific keywords.
  2. Automatic unsubscription: Set up automatic detection of unsubscribe messages to cease sending to those recipients.
  3. Auto-forwarding: Automatically forward incoming SMS to a list of mobile numbers, email addresses, or another system's HTTP API.

Private SMS Mobile Gateway

Our gateway deployment offers a dedicated, private gateway service exclusively for the customer who installs the hardware and software.

  1. Confidentiality: No mobile numbers or SMS content will be exposed to third-party systems.
  2. Enhanced privacy and data protection: Your data remains secure with a dedicated local database and hardware devices, ensuring the utmost privacy.

Device-Friendly Interfaces

Our gateway solution is designed to be compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

  1. Universal access: Users with any modern browser-equipped device can access all the functions provided by the gateway solution.
  2. No app installation required: Simply use your browser for a seamless and convenient experience.


We design and build the gateway system, and we can further program based on your business requests.


Demo and FAQ

You can try out our demo system: https://smsdemo.wgrow.com

Admin User Login: smsdemo;
Password: 20082008

Normal User Login: normaluser;
password: 20082008

Please note this DEMO version will NOT send out SMS due to security reasons (it does process incoming SMS).

If you need a fully functional version for testing, please approach us: [email protected], we will be happy to assist you with a functional DEMO version.


Q: Do you sell SMS credits?
A: No. We set up and deploy SMS system in your office and manage the application, and integrate with your existing system if there is any.

Q: What is the costing like?
A: You pay for the software system development cost or integration cost, and your SMS plan cost. No credit costing.

Q: How many SMS can I send?
A: That depends on your SMS plan. Most likely unlimited. Or 1.4 cents per SMS for some prepaid cards.

Q: What's the speed?
A: Average 3000 ~ 4000 SMS per hour. If volume is high, we can use modem pool, up to 16 sim cards working together, max speed is 16*3500 SMS per hour.

Q: Do you own our data?
A: No. The data and application are in your side, we won't know your data and contacts.

Q: Can we integrate with our legacy systems?
A: Yes. We have done many such integration. Better call us for site check.

Q: Can we view incoming SMS?
A: Yes. Incoming SMS is visible in the system as well.

Q: Does your system work with normal mobile phones?
A: Yes. But we recommend not to. We prefer professional industrial GSM modem via USB or RS232 port for stability reasons.

Q: Can we claim PIC/ICV for our projects?
A: Yes. All custom made solutions can be claimed. Subject to approval from related agencies.




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