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TECOM is our in-house ERP system for Order Process. System is great for sellers running multiple shops in various platforms and countries. We create many reports and features to address the problems faced by the management team and operation team.
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Backing up important emails from your Gmail account is essential to ensure data security and availability. This article will guide you through creating a desktop application using C# to backup emails from a Gmail account to a local drive and restore them to either the original Gmail account or a Yahoo Email account. The application will use the Google APIs Client Library for .NET to interact with the Gmail API and the MailKit library to send emails to Yahoo Email.
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Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority (CA) that provides SSL/TLS certificates for websites. The ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) protocol is used to automate the process of obtaining and renewing SSL certificates. In this article, we will create a Windows Service that automates the process of obtaining, installing, and renewing Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for IIS websites using the ACME challenge.
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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a widely used feature in Windows to access a computer remotely. However, it can also be a target for malicious activities, such as brute force attacks. In this article, we will create a Windows Service that monitors the Windows Event Log for multiple failed RDP authentication attempts within a specific time frame, sends an email alert to the server owner, and blocks the IP address temporarily.
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In this case study, we will explore how our team developed a decentralized voting system using Ethereum smart contracts and a .NET C# application. The objective was to create a transparent, tamper-proof, and secure voting system that leverages blockchain technology to enhance the democratic process. By combining the power of Ethereum smart contracts with the familiarity of .NET C# development, we were able to deliver a robust solution that met all project requirements.
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It's essential to ensure that SQL Server is secure and protected against potential cyber threats. Government cybersecurity requirements mandate that all agencies' SQL Server must undergo hardening before being put into production. We summarize the comprehensive SQL Server hardening checklist and best practices to secure SQL Server environment for an agency data centre.
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In this case study, we describe the process of virtualizing a legacy Windows Server 2000 application that gathers data from semiconductor testing equipment and produces reports for analysis. The application was running on an unsupported HP 2U Server ProLiant, and the management wanted to address the security risks and high maintenance costs associated with the outdated hardware and operating system. Our goal was to virtualize the server and application while preserving their functionality, and t...
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Deploy Bluetooth components into the equipment and design a Server-Based System with a Web Interface and a Mobile Interface (PWA) to meet the customer's requirements. The solution needed to be user-friendly, scalable, and robust, allowing engineers to easily manage the equipment from anywhere.
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Aright Tech Pte Ltd (subsidiary of wGrow), an experienced eCommerce service and solution provider, has a proven track record of helping businesses create and manage online stores, dedicated portals, and integrating data into an efficient Order Process System. One such successful project is Vitasg.SG, a health supplements retailer that has expanded its reach to multiple online platforms and international markets. In this case study, we will analyze how Aright Tech Pte Ltd implemented a comprehens...
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If you are a small or medium enterprise (SME) in Singapore, you may be looking for ways to grow your business and stay competitive in the market. One of the options you can consider is applying for government grants that can help you with various aspects of your business development, such as innovation, productivity, branding, marketing, and overseas expansion.
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