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Custom Solution

Design & Build based on custom requirements. In Windows & Linux server system. Local & Cloud Ready.

Cloud Hosting

Manage secured Cloud hosting: AWS, Azure, AliCloud, Huawei Cloud, and More. Backup across Cloud. Offline Backup.


Easy to manage web contents management systems. Desktop and Mobile friendly contents update system.

ECommerce Solution

Managed eCommerce solution and execution. Many successful samples and live shops, live streaming.

Architect & Implement with Security

15+ years, implement many gov & MNC projects, and provide long term support.

Design with Security

Security & Encryption

Architect solution with data security in mind. We encrypt data fields with role-based settings. Different users see different level of data. Strong keys and protections. PDPA Compliance.


Data Security

We assisted to implement 100+ solutions locally in Singapore to achieve better security and compliant to PDPA, and government audits.


System Performance

With encryption in place, we optimize systems and applications with best possible performance: backup server, archive database, remote api calls.

Secured on Cloud

Cloud Deployment Ready

We architect and deploy solutions for local Data Centre, as well as for Cloud DC such as AWS, Azure, AliCloud, Huawei Cloud, and more. Also we deploy on hybrid environment to carter for the most suitable needs.


Solution Highlights

Understand what we can incorporate into our deliveries.

Custom Workflow

Design and implement based on your actual business needs.

Role-based Security

Users access rights controlled with roles. See only need to see.


Apply automation as much as possible. Reduce manual work & errors.

Audit Logs

Log users' actions for Security, Audit, and Compliance checks.

IP Location Security

Limit users, normal or admin, with selected countries IP address.

Distributed Data

Separate Production data from Archive data, get best performance.

We implement Secured Hosting with Major Cloud DC Providers: AWS, Azure, AliCloud, Huawei Cloud.

Extra Redundancy Features: Cross Data Centre Backup, Primary & Secondary Servers in Different DC with Auto-Sync, Offline Backup to Office.

Data Redundancy

We have projects which we have supported more than 10 years. 

We finetune performance, upgrade servers and application, and patch for security compliances.

We update server & application for Pentest & VAPT reports.

  • Preventive Maintenance with regular onsite visit.
  • Proper backup and version control.
  • Level 2 & Level 3 supports.
  • Auto Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • SMS/Email/Voice Alarms.
  • Helpdesk Apps for teamwork.
Long Term Support

Web & Cloud Solutions

Majority of the projects we do, 

are web server and Cloud Server ready.

Clients may choose to deploy into Cloud Server, 

Or local environment.

We support and maintain all.


Project Delivery Workflow

Solid workflows to ensure project delivery.

Analyse Requirements

Team Lead and Architect discuss projects and gather requirements, study project feasibility, and confirm whether to proceed project.

Propose & Prototype

PM creates proposal for clients to review and approve, then project team to create prototype to illustrate the full workflows.

Implement & Deploy

Engineers team to implement the projects, perform UAT with clients, and publish project live, and carry on with post-delivery support.


We do regular visit and check on the deployed solutions to ensure safety, performance, and backup intact.

We create quarterly maintenance reports with proper details.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We deploy secured backup agents to create daily & weekly backup with Auto-purge.

Regular DR exercise to ensure backup data intact.

Support Workflow

We work with Level 1 support team to create workflows for reporting and escalation. 

Log requests with proper procures and details.

Preventive Maintenance


Tips and Stories
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Questions & Answers

Ask, Answer, and Explore

Main team in Singapore. We have engineers in Malaysia. We allocate our resources based on project requirements.

.NET Framework, MS SQL, Windows Server. But we also use PHP, Python if client deployment environment allows. For ease of long-term support, we prefer MS technologies.

It depends on project scope. Our Team Lead will gather initial requirements and create an estimation for review, then we provide a formal proposal to get approval.

Local server or cloud. Gov projects, deploy to office server. Other projects, we most likely deploy into cloud servers, and we secure the access based on physical location or IP.

15+ Years Delivery Experiences

We design and implement many large or small solutions for Singapore based clients.

Security & Encryption

We investigate application and data security, and we have matured workflows to handle security.

Upgrade with New Technologies

Our team always upgrade ourselves and we bring in new technologies to clients.

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