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Professional Excel and Access VBA, Forms, Reports Development

We build amazing Excel and Access based solutions, targeting small deployment environment, or application environment with Global VPN networks.
We design the application with data security in mind:
1) Separate the database from interfaces, keep database away from normal users;
2) Implement role based access rights control, integrate with Windows AD;
We focus on automation to reduce manual works and human errors in data and report generation. 

We create charts, pivot tables, finance models, and data analysis with your team, with data import processing millions of data (exports from SAP, Salesforce, ERP solutions).

We program working prototypes with Excel and Access for workflow optimization, and we make the program ready to migrate into a proper server & client implementation.

Our Services

Working Prototype Development

Translate your business idea into working prototypes using Excel & Access design.

Before building any idea into an serious implementation, we use a working prototype to prove the concepts and finetune the idea.

Workflow Optimization

Analyze your business operation workflow, and provide possible optimization.

With our knowledge with different technical domain, we can recommend the best possible enhancements to deliver a certain tasks.

Reports and Forms Automation

Reports and forms can be updated into automation tasks to avoid errors and save time.

We learn and understand how your team creating reports, and convert these into VBA and Macro codes to keep these repeating work at coding level.

Key Technologies

Excel Forms

Access Forms

VBA Scripts

Macro Automation

Architect with Data Security

Unlike simple Excel or Access applications, which normally put data, and interfaces together in a single file. 

That means the users are actually accessed to the full database.

If the files being copied away, the whole data will be lost.

To resolve this, we design the application architecture to separate the database (Access mdb file) and application files (Excel sheets & VBA forms). 

Users will open application files, and let the VBA codes talk to Access database, which is hidden away from users, and protected with strong password.

Multiple users access concurrently is naturally supported under this design.


Typical VBA Implementations

Building Excel & Access Visual Basic Forms & Related Controls:

- Connect Forms with Other Applications (Outlook, IE, Word, PPT, etc) with Visual Basic Codes;

-  Connect Forms with Databases (Access, MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle);

- Handle Data Imports with VBA Codes: CSV, TXT, XML;

- Consume Data from Web Services: XML, Soap, jSON;

- Park repeat functions, such as weekly reports, into Automation Service;

- Integrate with various existing software platform to re-use resources;

Secured Regular Local Backup

We handle backup and disaster recovery with our own solutions:

- Zip applications & database regularly;
- Compress them with strong password;
- Transfer via Secured FTP into Offsite or Onsite Server;
- Monitor backup dates and remove outdated data;
- Able to keep daily versions up to 120 days (limited by server resources);
- Restore backup copy in secondary server automatically;
- For system data which need more frequent backup, we can also implement accumulated backup process;
- Offsite backup, can be implemented to different data centre, Office NAS, or HOME NAS;

Our automation backup process is able to update  managers daily for backup status.

Excel/PDF/Word Conversions

We program scripts to convert PDF/Word documents into Excel formats (and vice versa):

- Preserve Formats;

- Read Numbers & Texts;

- Process Images and Extract Images;

- Maintain Table Formats;

- Create Reports;

Simple Facts

9Years in Operation
150Solution Deliveries
120Business Clients

Featured Excel VBA Projects

Project Delivery Process



Get inputs from customer team. Understand the objectives and ideas. Know the deployment environment and restrictions.



Translate customer ideas into visual prototypes. View the full workflow before creating any actual functions. Review and revise.


Code and Review

Implement the design. Code system and held regular review meeting with customers team. 


Test and Deployment

Perform strict UAT with customers team. Refine system based on UAT feedback. Perform beta deployment, with Warranty and Support.

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