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Smart Quotation Generation and Management


One centralized system to manage all your customers, sales team,  products, and quotations to all customers.
Products can be managed via categories, with costing and prices. And each customer is allowed to give different price categories (discount levels). 
Once quotation is generated and sent to customer (via PDF), let the system takes over the followup process. Each quotation will be completed with a series of steps, and our smart followup engine will do the full workflow for your sales team, and keep the sales team informed for the whole process.  

Auto-Quotation Docs generation 

Quotations can be generated from scratch, or from a similar past history quotations. Output formats support Excel and PDF.

Quotations, before sending to customer, may subject to an approval process, if the quotation amount exceeds limits.

Quotation templates can be managed by uploading Excel templates, with your own company Logo and other fixed values.

Quotations term can be dynamically managed and selectively added into quotations.



Smart followup with reminders

Once quotation is sent to customer, our smart Quotation Engine will take over the followup process:

- if no update for 2 weeks, trigger an auto email to customer with fixed templates, and BCC related sales staff;

- if no update for another 2 weeks, trigger next followup email to customer, and BCC sales and sales manager;

The flow could be customized a bit to meet exact what your business requires.

Followup templates, and frequency, can be dynamically set per your company needs. Creative sales team could generate their own followup process and allow the system to complete the full workflow.

SMS and Email Notification Integration

Important updates will be delivered to customers, sales team, management team, and admin, via SMS and Email.

Ensure all parties are informed with updates:

- quotation approved;

- quotation need management approval;

- quotation status update;

- quotation accepted, etc;


Customers and Clients management

Comprehensive customers, clients and contacts management.

All customers supports multiple and default settings for clients and locations. Allow quotations to be generated with default contact and default address, yet allow to be updated.

Retrieve a customer's quotation easily, and allow to duplicate similar existing quotations as new quotation to speed up the quotation process.


Encrypted data, PDPA Compliance

All connections and communications with the quotation system is projected via HTTPS.

All users are created with strong passwords, and with auto lockout features after a number of wrong password attempts.

Contacts data is all encrypted at database level, to avoid data being leaked out via database hacking.

Backups of database and application are all encrypted with strong password.


All devices friendly interfaces

Our quotation solution is designed to work with Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices.

Users with any modern browsers installed equipment will be able to access all the functions provide by the gateway solution.

No app is installed, just working with browsers naturally.

Customization Service provided.

We design and build the quotation system, and we can further program based on your business requests.

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