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    The Condo Management System meets all your needs.

    Facility Booking, Defects Reporting, Residents Voting, Mass Communication.


Facility Bookings

Central facilities managements. Smart event booking with auto conflict detection. Approval audit workflow.  

Defects Reports

Enable all residents to report issues for management team to followup. End to end workflow with report.

SMS & Email

Important and reminders updates are sent via both SMS and Emails. Enable ease of communications.


Votes (onymous and anonymous) control and management with  reminders. Details kept for audit.

Residents Management

Residents with clearly identified owners and tenants (long-term or short-term) to improve accountability.

Devices Friendly

Cater for all devices, optimized for mobiles devices (no app needed). Make life easier for all users in the condo.

Blocks & Units

Dynamic blocks and units data uploading.  Blocks & Units can be matched with Owners and Tenants. 

Residents Portal

Dedicated portal for residents. Protect data safety for management. Enable residents to access for necessary info.

Customization Service provided.

We design and build the Condon Sals and Management system, and we can further modify the solution based on your requests.


Workflows with Audit Logs

  • Booking Records

    All status updates (book, approve, cancel, reject) logged with proper information for reference.

  • Defect Reports

    Handling defects with pre-defined steps. All issues to be verified and checked, with supporting docs.

  • Users Actions

    Major action (booking, reporting, voting) will be kept as log data. That is to ensure data is saved.

  • Data Safety

    All data are kept strictly for internal use for the management committee. All communications encrypted. 

All Devices Friendly

  • iPhone & Android

    Specially designed for small screens. Most of features are being accessed with mobiles.

  • iPad & Tablets

    Larger screens, with a better view. Our solution is fine-tuned to display more with big screens.

  • Desktop & Laptop

    For management offices, the interfaces are designed for better efficiency work.

  • And More ...

    We always look out for new type of devices and optimize our cloud solution to serve your users.

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About wGrow

We are a professional software delivery team and we have been building solutions for Singapore and Malaysia customers for more than 10 years. 

Check out our References for solution deliveries. We offer more than a ready solution to you and your residents. We design and we can build more.

Project Delivery Process



Get inputs from customer team. Understand the objectives and ideas. Know the deployment environment and restrictions.



Translate customer ideas into visual prototypes. View the full workflow before creating any actual functions. Review and revise.


Code and Review

Implement the design. Code system and held regular review meeting with customers team. 


Test and Deployment

Perform strict UAT with customers team. Refine system based on UAT feedback. Perform beta deployment, with Warranty and Support.

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