Custom & Bespoke Development


Custom/Bespoke Solution Development

We build software solutions, program modules for existing systems, extend ready software systems with new features. Let us know your requirements in business needs, our professional engineers shall be able to give advises and build based on what you request.

Our development services cover back-end (Windows Server, MS SQL, Windows Services) and Front End (Web, Mobile Apps).

We works with popular software technologies: .NET Framework, MS SQL, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap. 

And we are very strong in Back-end automation:
- Regular reports: auto-generation and send management team;
- Reminders for Follow-up, Payments, Appointments, Notifications;
- Emails for Customer reports, payout calculations, commission statements, etc;
- System health check and clean up unnecessary data automatically;

Our Services

Custom Solution Development

Assist your team to build any software solution which is not selling in the market.

Start from scratch, with best possible architecture design. Choose the suitable deployment environment.

Web Solutions

Build cloud ready web applications. Host and managed from Cloud environment.

Provide high quality backup and disaster recovery services. Projects with professional supports and maintenance.


Build a single portal for both Desktop and Mobile with our Responsive Design.

100% integrated with Bootstrap. Achieve many special effect without JavaScript coding. Contents SEO friendly.

Simple Facts

9Years in Operation
150Solution Deliveries
120Business Clients

Architect with multiple platforms in mind

We always start our project implementation with a great architecture design. 

JSON Web Service serves as a key between multiple platforms and the database: Web Front End, Mobile Front End, Desktop App, Windows Automation, all consume the same web services and avoid direct communication with database.

With key web services designed properly, end users platforms can be added one by one without affecting early implementations, and reduce the project delivery risk.

Design time consuming loading operations into back-end service to improve users experiences and reduce time-out errors for end users.

Customers will also benefits from this progressive delivery approach. 

Data Security with Encryption

We keep data security as our top concern.

We design the database, with personal data and passwords to be encrypted in table level, and even our engineers, may not see the data without the actual decrypt codes.

We enforce HTTPS for all communications and we enforce strong password practice.

Implement role based security, at application level, and web services level. This will protect data even within the system users. Users with higher rights, will be able to view more data, perform more functions.

We perform detailed audit logs on important data with WHO WHEN WHERE WHAT recorded properly.

Implement optional 2 factor authentications (2FA) process for necessary login users and roles.

Secured Offsite Backup

We handle backup and disaster recovery with our own solutions:

- Zip applications & database regularly;
- Compress them with strong password;
- Transfer via Secured FTP into Offsite Server;
- Monitor backup dates and remove outdated data;
- Able to keep daily versions up to 120 days (limited by server resources);
- Restore backup copy in secondary server automatically;
- For system data which need more frequent backup, we can also implement accumulated backup process;
- Offsite backup, can be implemented to different data centre, Office NAS, or HOME NAS;

Our automation backup process is able to update  managers daily for backup status.

Professional Implementation Process

We conduct comprehensive evaluation on customer requirements and customer deployment environment: 

- design based on practical usage, and break projects into multiple phases;

- develop with modular design and keep our codes easy to maintain;

- analyze deployments and refine our implementations together with customers;

- enhance system and extend system to next level of functions;

- deploy different versions with core data synchronized from HQ;

Technical Domains

Windows Server


.NET, C#

Bootstrap, jQuery

Project Delivery Process



Get inputs from customer team. Understand the objectives and ideas. Know the deployment environment and restrictions.



Translate customer ideas into visual prototypes. View the full workflow before creating any actual functions. Review and revise.


Code and Review

Implement the design. Code system and held regular review meeting with customers team. 


Test and Deployment

Perform strict UAT with customers team. Refine system based on UAT feedback. Perform beta deployment, with Warranty and Support.

Featured Projects

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Project Management
Well planned and executed. Matured delivery workflow.
Mobile Friendly
All interfaces programmed to target Desktop and Mobiles.
Modular Design
Architect the whole solution with modules with better maintenance.
API Integration
Expose selected data via Web Services (XML/JSON), integrated with jQuery.
Backend Automation
Design stable automation tasks with Windows Service Framework.
Import & Export
Many ways to input data. Encrypted exported data.
Typical Bespoke Solutions

Typical Solutions

Corporate Business Systems 

Study company's existing workflow and provide our consulting service to computerize your company business operation. 

With our knowledge and experiences from many domains, we can assist your team to design and implement a proper software system.

Data Security & PDPA

Improve your existing system with strict data security control (HTTPS, table level data encryption, role access), and provide onsite and offsite backup (cross data centre backup) of whole solution with Strong Encyption to protect your data at best possible level.

Make your system and database to be PDPA Compliance before any data leak happens.

Invoice, Inventory, Procurement & Quotation 

Small scale business workflow system, focus on Invoice, Inventory, Procurement and Quotation process. Fully automated document generations, and keep historical data for re-use. 

Cloud ready deployment, access from anywhere.

System Automation & Integration

Improve existing system with Automation (SMS/EMail/FTP/Encrypt/Decrypt), and link with other systems with API (JSON, HTTP, .NET Communication Framework).

Responsive Contents Management System

Web portal with fully customized CMS. Allow separation of contents access rights by departments, by roles, by users. Extendable by creating new modules.

Public interfaces are mobile responsive. A single backend update will publish to both desktop and mobile pages.

Q: Do you release the codes after system deployment?
A: Yes. We release system codes together with the end products. But the codes are not allowed to resell, can be used within the same business entity only. We do wish we will be your long term support partner, but we leave the options open to your team.

Q: Do you manage the hosting, backup, and disaster recovery?
A: Yes. We have business application servers which we manage and maintain for business level applications. We provide backup (local or offsite) to data and applications, and we can even build up secondary live application with data and codes sync automatically. Disaster recovery is available 7/24 for applications managed by us.

Q: Do you have support and enhancements for existing systems?
A: Yes we do. Condition is you own the source codes, and have the rights to edit it further. The database must be open to us as well.

Q: How is your costing like?
A: We charge based on the project scope. It will only be accurate when we have your full project details. Don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

Q: Can I migrate my existing applications to your platform?
A: Yes. But we must check your existing technology and environment. Right now we can only support .NET and PHP programs.

Q: How long will you take to complete one project deployment?
A: Still this depends on project scope. We execute projects with 4 stages: Proposal -> Prototype -> Development -> UAT, then Go Live, Project Warranty and Support. Typical execution process takes about 2 to 3 months. Longer than that, we normally recommend customers to break the projects into phases.

Q: Do you offer manpower for onsite project executions?
A: Yes. Costing will be slightly higher. We did that for some highly confidential projects as requested by customers.

Q: How do you handle data security and application security?
A: We perform several layers of security: Encrypt users details; Encrypt key tables selected columns (even IT engineer cannot read the contents after encryption); Enforce SSL for web communications; Our system is PDPA compliance.

Q: Can you integrate with other existing or legacy systems?
A: As long as the data can be exported and imported, then we can integrate. There are many ways to perform integration: texts files, csv, Excel, web services (most commonly used), and Windows Services (automation to execute the data integration).

Q: Can we claim PIC/ICV for our projects?
A: Yes. All custom made solutions can be claimed. Subject to approval from related agencies.