Ready Solution
Solution subjects to setup and configuration. Ready in 2 to 3 days.
Deployed in Cloud
Access in anywhere via Internet ready device. Secured Login.
Web & Mobile
All main interfaces accessible to desktop web and mobile interfaces.
Modular Design
Solution can be extended easily by adding new modules.
API Integration
Expose selected data via Web Services (XML/JSON), integrated with jQuery.
Import & Export
Many ways to input data. Encrypted exported data.

eCommerce - Local Shopping System

- tailor made for Singapore markets;

- advanced products, categories, customers managements;

- comprehensive order processing workflow;

- integrate with SMS and Email for important message communications;

- courier and delivery management with Singpost address integration;


Products and Categories Management;
Customer and Registration Management;
Order fulfillment workflow process;
Delivery Order Management;
Inventory check and alarms;
Auto alerts between shops and warehouse for low inventory level;
Order and failed order management;
SMS integration for delivery and sales process;
Facebook and Social Network Integration;
Google Analytic and Google Map Integration;
Handle high vol of transactions;
Promotion and Voucher Management;
Singapore local address integration (with Singpost data license);

Q: Do you release the codes after system deployment?
A: Yes. We release system codes together with the end products. But the codes are not allowed to resell, can be used within the same business entity only. We do wish we will be your long term support partner, but we leave the options open to your team.

Q: Do you manage the hosting, backup, and disaster recovery?
A: Yes. We have business application servers which we manage and maintain for business level applications. We provide backup (local or offsite) to data and applications, and we can even build up secondary live application with data and codes sync automatically. Disaster recovery is available 7/24 for applications managed by us.

Q: Do you have support and enhancements for existing systems?
A: Yes we do. Condition is you own the source codes, and have the rights to edit it further. The database must be open to us as well.

Q: How is your costing like?
A: We charge based on the project scope. It will only be accurate when we have your full project details. Don't hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

Q: Can I migrate my existing eCommerce system to your platform?
A: Yes. But we must check your existing technology and environment. Right now we can only support .NET and PHP programs.

Q: Is your system SEO ready?
A: Yes. We architect our system to be SEO friendly. For two of the live projects, Babygogo.com.sg or Xpressflower.com, when you search related products "Baby Strollers" or "Singapore Florists", they always appear in the first page of Google nature search results.

Q: Do you provide marketing services?
A: Yes. We assist our customer to build up Facebook group (See babygogo.com.sg Facebook), Search Engine Marketing (Setup ads, keywords, campaigns, integrate with Google Analytics, etc).

Q: How long will you take to complete one project deployment?
A: Still this depends on project scope. We execute projects with 4 stages: Proposal -> Prototype -> Development -> UAT, then Go Live, Project Warranty and Support. Typical execution process takes about 2 to 3 months. Longer than that, we normally recommend customers to break the projects into phases.

Q: How do you handle data security and application security?
A: We perform several layers of security: Encrypt users details; Encrypt key tables selected columns (even IT engineer cannot read the contents after encryption); Enforce SSL for web communications; Our system is PDPA compliance.

Q: Can we claim PIC/ICV for our projects?
A: Yes. All custom made solutions can be claimed. Subject to approval from related agencies.

Deployed to Customers: